$ 25.00

Get your finances under control with the Spend Well Budgeting System. This cash envelope system will help you organize your cash and make sticking with your budget easier than ever (and way more fun, too!).

Each book is nearly 7" tall and 5" wide (including the coil). The 1.5" metal coil leaves plenty of room for your envelopes to fill up with cash! :)

There are 10 pages, which makes for 20 sturdy card stock folders to store your cash. Each envelope has 16 lines for recording your transactions. Once you fill up all the lines, simple cover them with a new transaction sticker (20 included with your purchase - plus, the files to make more if you'd like!).

In addition to your Spend Well cash envelope system, you'll also get the following digital files:

  • Monthly Bill Tracker - know when your bills are due each month, and how much you expect each one to cost
  • Total Debt Owed Worksheet - get all of your debts and payoff amounts in one place!
  • Debt payoff worksheet - print one of these out for each line of credit you are trying to pay down - this will help you see progress as you pay your debts down each month!
  • Printable Budget Worksheet - use this worksheet for your monthly budget, OR...
  • Budget Spreadsheet in Excel - download this version of the budgeting spreadsheet and use this for your monthly budget. You can edit the spreadsheet, but the formulas are protected so you can't accidentally mess those up! :) The cells highlighted in green are for categories you pay cash for (this way, you know how much cash to pull out each month).
  • Printable labels for your envelopes - when you fill in all the lines on an envelope, you can use one of the stickers I've included to start fresh! If you use all of those, you can buy more, OR you can print out the attached labels on sticker paper, cut yourself, and use those!

And if you need some budgeting help, I'd love to have your join my 60 Day Budgeting Challenge! You can learn more about that here